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A lot depends on how the house perceives you as a customer. If you are a "regular" and have played many rounds with them in the past, they will likely deal to you alone today, even if you only play one hand. If this is your first time, and you've been betting the minimum, that's kind of a different story. The house may then decide that it's not worth the ...


When a shoe is shuffled (or reshuffled), all cards are shuffled, then the cut card is placed near the back of the shoe. This card is only an indicator that the shoe needs to be reshuffled at the end of the current hand. Thus, cards behind the cut card can and will be played into the hand. The purpose of the cut card's placement is two-fold: first, it's to ...


If you are not card counting, the house has its edge/hand no matter what. For N hands, you just multiply the house edge by N to get the new house edge. If you are card counting, the question gets more complicated, but one additional hand is not likely to make a difference between favoring the player and favoring the house. Any difference in player edge is ...


Typically, you are not the only player at the table. So if ANYone stays, the blackjack dealer must reveal his hole card to that person/people. But if everyone busts, that's a different story.


I don't know how American casinos handle this, but in Austria there is the same problem with euros. There is no 0,5 euro chip, so you simply get a regular 50 cent coin.


Random article from Google Stand on soft 17 Eight decks No mention of shoe emptying rules Splitting up to 3 times (total of 4 hands) Double down after splitting is allowed Not explicitly mentioned but unlikely due to one card after split Ace One card each after splitting an ace (and no resplit) Ace and ten after split is 21 The dealer does check for ...


Card counters exploit a flaw in the game implementation which is not actually part of the rules of the game. The rules of blackjack say nothing about dealing multiple hands from the same pre-shuffled stack - but that's exactly what makes card counting possible. This flaw (and thus card counting) can actually be neutralized in two ways: Shuffling manually ...

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