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A lot depends on how the house perceives you as a customer. If you are a "regular" and have played many rounds with them in the past, they will likely deal to you alone today, even if you only play one hand. If this is your first time, and you've been betting the minimum, that's kind of a different story. The house may then decide that it's not worth the ...


If you are not card counting, the house has its edge/hand no matter what. For N hands, you just multiply the house edge by N to get the new house edge. If you are card counting, the question gets more complicated, but one additional hand is not likely to make a difference between favoring the player and favoring the house. Any difference in player edge is ...


I don't know how American casinos handle this, but in Austria there is the same problem with euros. There is no 0,5 euro chip, so you simply get a regular 50 cent coin.

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