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I've been to casinos in Las Vegas and Wisconsin and I think they have all had 50-cent chips at the blackjack table. If they don't, you can work around the problem by betting an even amount. For example, playing 6 dollars a hand at a table with a 5-dollar minimum won't have a significant impact on how much you win or lose.


It really depends. I've seen some casinos pay 7.50 with a 5, two 1s and a half-dollar coin, I've even seen casinos that actually had a $2.50 chip. These were all in California.


In Las Vegas, the craps table was very clear that they round down to the nearest whole dollar. I can't tell you if that's based on casino policy and/or local law, and you didn't state where you are.


I don't know how American casinos handle this, but in Austria there is the same problem with euros. There is no 0,5 euro chip, so you simply get a regular 50 cent coin.

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