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Group the players according to skill level. Each of your words are eliminated if anybody in your group or below has a duplicate word. Players in groups higher than yours cannot eliminate your words, but you can eliminate theirs. I think there should be at least two players in the lowest group, but maybe you want to be really kind to the most junior player. ...


You could use different scoring for the kids and the adults. The normal scoring is Word length 3 4 5 6 7 8+ Points 1 1 2 3 5 11 For the less skilled players, you could try something more like Word length 3 4 5 6 7 8+ Points 2 3 4 6 10 15 which increases the reward for finding any words not found by the veteran players, and gives huge bonuses ...


You could require the more experienced players to find words with a minimum number of letters. Like, they need at least 5 letters in the word to count? Or, the younger players could be given additional time.


My wife kicks serious butt at Boggle, so much so that I don't like playing with her anymore. I asked her this question, and without hesitating, she said "Either give the kids double the time, or the adults half the time". I may have to try this with her at some point (with me receiving the handicap) :D


A few Boggle variants I've heard of: Scrabble-style: Lose the timer - take turns making words, end game when (n) words made (try about 20 to begin with). You cannot repeat a word already made. Collapsing Boggle: Use a shorter timer. After it runs out, remove 1 die at random and keep going. Remove another die and have a third (and final) run through. ...


Summary The best sixteen dice to pick in order to produce the lowest Kullback-Leibler divergence from the (new) standard Boggle distribution are: AAEEEE, ADENNN, AEEGMU, AFIRSY, BJKQuXZ, CEILPT, CEIPST, DHHLOR, DHLNOR, DHLNOR, EIIITT, EMOTTT, ENSSSU, FIPRSY, GORRVW, NOOTUW The divergence for this set of dice is 0.0226, and it provides at least one of ...


I can find nothing in the official rules, nor in the Wikipedia article, that disallows using the same letter on different cubes. In fact, the Wikipedia article names some of the longest possible Boggle words and they include multiples of the same letter which would be impossible if that were the case. It is definitely true that you cannot use the same cube ...


This French page gives the following configuration for a 16 die Boggle version: ETUKNO EVGTIN DECAMP IELRUW EHIFSE RECALS ENTDOS OFXRIA NAVEDZ EIOATA GLENYU BMAQJO TLIBRA SPULTE AIMSOR ENHRIS According to this French wikipedia article it is the configuration for the 'international' edition of Boggle. I assume it is also the configuration for the Portugese ...


Copyright only covers specific implementations, i.e. the exact wording of the rules. Patents are a nonissue in this case, Boggle was released in 1972 so any patent applying to it would have expired years ago.

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