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As with any growing Card Game (LCG, CCG, TCG), unless you want to play competitively, it's never required to get more cards. Since you don't need to keep up with changing metagames, new strategic ideas and new available cards, you can play with just what you have with your friends. The question remains how much fun you get out of it after having played for ...


Absolutely, for a reasonable expectation of "adequate". While there aren't enough cards included to create single-faction decks, you could easily make several, viable, multi-faction decks out of nothing but the base set. When you add in a couple of asylum packs, you're set for quite some time.


I've done a bit of my own research, so I can provide what I've learnt so far. It's worth mentioning that this is not what I've learnt from extensive play, but rather what I've gleaned from comments and articles about the factions. Agency - Quite straightforward strength in combat, plus some have Willpower which offers resistance to being driven insane. ...


This review of the core set says you get about three starter decks worth of cards in the base pack. Plus, the core set is intended to get two people playing. It looks like you can play two player games of the CoC LCG with only a single copy of the base set.


Since Living Card Game is a trademark of Fantasy Flight Games, you should just be able to check their product page and find out. You are missing: Android: Netrunner the Card Game Star Wars: The Card Game If you are asking if there are any expandable card games, where there isn't any randomness in the cards you get with each expansion (I.E. This ...


You can add them to the domain as a resource. You do need at least one card from a non-neutral card's faction in order to pay for that card though.

1 lists all the Asylum Pack Expansions, along with their order of release. The database does have a field for Release Date, but usually it is blank with only the year of release noted. -1) Forgotten Lore: Spawn of Madness, Kingsport Dreams, Conspiracies of Chaos, Dunwich Denizens, At the Mountains of Madness, Ancient Horrors -2) The ...

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