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I had a go at the straight in the freezer trick and it worked a treat. 2 weeks of being frozen, they like they had just come or of the box. I then put paper towel under and on top of them, before setting a mountain of cookbooks on top. They did perfectly (Smallworld lives again!)


The maximum possible score is 342. 2 Farms with 16 cities = 96 5 Farms with 2 cities = 30 7 Roads with a total of 14 end pieces and 32 non end pieces = 46 6 Cloisters = 54 16 Cities worth a total of 116 Total = 342, 36 meeples placed. The answer user1873 gave is quite good, but overlooks that 16 cities are possible. It was also extremely non trivial to ...


A couple points of advice here - 1) One easy way to teach the farm mechanic is to run through a sample game of perhaps 5 turns. Make sure to drop a farmer or two during this sample and at the end go through the scoring process. This will get you to the "aha" moment that people have about farmers much more quickly. 2) the game can certainly work without ...

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