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When using castles, if a 'clam city' is completed you then make the decision to either score it as a city or turn it into a castle. If it becomes a castle, then no scoring relating to cities applies to it (and scoring for the castle does not occur until and unless a neighboring feature is completed). Since the scoring of siege tiles only applies to cities, ...


I believe the iOS and/or Android versions of Carcassonne have an option to disable Farms.


I'm a member of Carcassonne Central. We have about a dozen forums for discussing various aspects of Carcassonne including breaking news, new expansions, general gameplay tips, tournaments and various other projects etc. It's well worth a look if you want to meet with other Carcassonne enthusiasts/ addicts around the world, and it's very friendly too!


When I play Carcassone with new players, I either give them a two meeple advantage, usually by having the experienced players (which is often just me) play without two of my meeples. This helps take away the big advantage experienced players have in knowing how farms work because they can't farm as aggressively (or else they will have no meeples left for ...


Boardgame Geek's Carcassonne family page; which collects information on all of the Carcassonne games. You can also search for "Carcassonne" and get a list of all the games and subscribe to the individual games of interest. Just sign up, click "Subscribe" and you will stay up to date on all Carcassonne news.


I consider the first game a learning game. Not teaching/playing the farms merely postpones it. I think the only way to really understand them is to use them and show. I also spend a lot of time giving advice to new players (depending on how fast they seem to be picking it up). The hardest part I've found is try trying teach them where they can play ...


Having as many of your meeples on the board (-1 for quick scoring) is a very good strategy. Your meeples can't earn you points sitting in front of you. You certainly don't want 6 of them stuck in long term places. Once you start added in other expansions, with more pieces this becomes even more critical. Each piece used well can make a huge difference on ...

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