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Basic Rules: On your turn you place a tile. After placing the tile you can place your meeple onto any uncontrolled feature on that tile. After placing meeples, all completed features are scored. Assuming that you are trying to gain some control of a controlled city Let's assume the situation is this: In the situation that you have presented you have ...


The order of actions in a turn is as follows: Place tile Place follower Determine and score completed structures So your city is not completed until after you've had a chance to place a follower onto it. So in your example, you were right.


There is a clarification on page 206 of the rules you link to. Followers Every normal follower, big follower, mayor, wagon, or phantom follower is just one follower. Special figures Builders, pigs, barns, and shepherds belong to individual players but are not followers." So if you are adding a follower with crop circles you may add any of the followers. ...


The crop circle rules are slightly ambiguous but my reading of option A is that all players MAY place an extra follower on a tile they have a follower, but if they do it MUST be with a follower of the same type. I think it reads better if you put the rules together rather than separating them. He then decides for every player, starting with the player to ...

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