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A city in Carcassonne is completed when their are no places you can possibly add any additional tiles to grow that city. Three Cities, A, B, & C. Three Tiles that can be laid down (1,2, & 3) in the Green Square.. So in this first picture; only city "B" is completed (3 tiles); as you cannot add any more tiles to that specific city; city A ...


A city is completed when it has a fully connected border and the area within that border is completely filled. If the tiles that form the city have other city pieces, then as long as those pieces aren't part of the city then the city is still completed. One way to think of it is to imagine that you're working in MS Paint. If you drew the borders of the city ...


We always play with each player having a hand of three tiles, each turn choosing one to play, then drawing a replacement.

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