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None, but I am betting this was a trick question. The cards dimensions are fairly close to the standard dimensions of a Magic: the Gathering card. The cheapest card sleeves you could buy are the aptly named penny sleeves. These sleeves will run you on average $0.01 US. Since Cards Against Humanity runs 550 cards in the base set, you would be spending $5.50 ...


Changes to the base game are discussed here. There is also some additional information on this thread included photos showing old and new versions. Between the original and version 1.2, it seems like they got rid of a lot of cards that mention proper names. It seems that cards mentioning Glenn Beck have been removed in 1.3. The second post indicates that ...


I bought ultra pro black sleeves and ultrapro white sleeves (700) for my cards against humanity [I have both expansions]. Using both colors helps keep cards distinct. Also, since we usually play around drinks it helps ensure that they stay protected/away from sticky surfaces. Additionally useful, is that the write your own blank cards stay in tact (i used ...


A simple solution if you are willing and able to spend some money: Buy another copy of the game, a foam paint brush, and a small container of white paint. Using the foam brush you can paint a nice, even, thin coat of white paint over the face of the cards and use a black permanent marker when they dry to write whatever your heart desires!


BoardGameGeek.com seems to have a listing through expansion 3. You might be able to find more be going through the first couple pages of Google search results and second level links. This was found through the 3rd link in the search results.


I also bought Ultra Pro sleeves for my deck, in black. I made a fusion deck with the main set, 1st & 2nd edition, plus selected Apples to Apples cards. Ended up with almost 850 cards in total, so I picked up a cardboard deck box from a game shop for less than two bucks. With shipping, I was able to get them for $0.05/each on Ebay. Well worth the ...

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