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As stated in the Almanac under "Building": You can build as many items and buy as many cards as you desire - as long as you have enough resources to "pay" for them and they are still available in the supply. So as long as you have enough resources in hand, and roads available to you, you can build out as far as you like in one turn, and then add a ...


Bluffing I have very important addition to this part of Rainbolt's answer. Catan is game without hidden information. By the rules and how it is implemented in Catan Universe online version, every move in terms of resources is open to everyone. When you gather resources from first settlement, when you roll the dice, when you trade (both people and bank), ...


No, you may not. As per the rulebook, under "Build" (on page 4) it says: Take the appropriate number of roads, settlements, and/or cities from your supply and place them on the game board. An explicit part of the building process is putting the built items onto the board, so no, you can't buy it and place it later.


The rules never talk about buying a settlement, they always talk about building a settlement, and there is no mention of being able to hold a settlement in reserve after paying for it. On the basis that the rules tell you specifically what you can do, then when you build a settlement you must place it on the board.

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