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There are a number of sellers on ebay that have replacement parts in a variety of colors, including a bunch that aren't part of the actual game (purple, pink, gold, etc). A quick search there should turn up quite a few options.


Using the turn order described in base Catan, each player places a harbor settlement first and a regular settlement second on the starting island (each without a road). Your harbor settlement must be placed on one of the intersections marked with a circle (page 9). The regular settlement may be placed on any intersection, including those marked with a ...


Ive played with both these expansions ever since I started playing. We have always played to 13 victory points and it has worked very well.


By the time you roll, it's too late. You can play the card before rolling, in order to move the robber and hope for the best. But when you roll the die, you immediately dole out the appropriate resources, so if the robber is still there, you don't get anything.

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