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It all depends on the rules you're playing - there are so many variants! In some variants, yes that would be the case (see the link). It's advisable to agree the rules with your opponent before you start, otherwise arguments can ensue with no real solution.


That is an optional rule called the Huffing Rule. Capturing pieces is compulsory. It is both players responsibility to make sure that is enforced.


It depends on if you are playing with mandatory capture rules or not. If you are playing with mandatory capture and they make a move instead of capturing a piece then you should tell them because they would be required to make the capture instead of another move. If you are not playing with mandatory capture then it doesn't matter but you can still tell them ...


No, the game does not become unplayable. Years ago, I regularly played without the forced capture rule, and found the experience enjoyable. There is also have the Huffing Rule variant, where the capture is not forced, but by not taking the capture you lose that piece after your turn.

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