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3 kings vs 1 king is usually not enough for force a win, because (as you discovered), you can't catch a king that can safely stay on the main diagonal. The rules say that 1 king vs 1 king (where neither king is immediately lost) is an immediate draw; 2 kings (or a king and a piece) vs 1 king is a draw if no captures occur within five moves, three kings (or ...


For the checkers variant predominantly played in the US/UK, see the answer by @ColinD. The same rules applies to almost every other checkers/draughts variant. In the Russian draughts variant, however, if a man passes the king-row during a capture sequence, it promotes and continues to jump as a king until it is finished.


It depends on the checkers/draughts variant that you are playing: For American checkers / Britisch draughts (which are two names for the same game) and Italian checkers, kings are short-ranged and cannot jump over empty squares. For all other variants (International/Russian/Spanish/Czech/Frisian/Thai draughts and Pool checkers), kings are long-ranged and ...

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