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Sometimes, center board control is not immediately the goal of a particular openings's strategy. I'm referring specifically to two types, Larsen's Opening and regular Fianchetto openings. Here, white is advancing each pawn only one square, 1.b3 or 1.g3. As wikipedia states: The fianchetto is a staple of many "hypermodern" openings, whose philosophy ...


Simple answer: because you have to balance attack and defense. Pawns are very good to hold your position and fend your oponents pieces off. If you are too offensive and run with your pawns at your opponent, he might have problems at first, but once he stops your attack, he will have no difficulty to move his pieces behind your pawn wall. Once this happens, ...


There is never any difference in restrictions when a pawn queens, regarding pawns in the same file behind it. (Of course you can't overtake the pawn in front) [my rating: 1920]

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