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What you are referring, my friend, is called gambits. They are done for achieving a better position by giving away a small piece like pawn. Usually, when the player offers a gambit, it is up to the opponent to accept or reject the play.


f3 x e5 - Knight takes Pawn - does give you a 1 point advantage on your turn. However black can retaliate with c6 x e5 taking your knight without fear of any retribution which resets the advantage in black's favour. Interestingly note that this move also defends against c4 x f7 which also results in a positional advantage to black. c4 x f7 - Bishop takes ...


I could "almost" play "part of" a game, blindfolded, using Descriptive notation. I'm lost in Algebraic, without a chessboard in front of me, with the letters on the sides, ESPECIALLY when playing black. So, when I'm playing chess, I'm thinking the three or so moves forward, descriptively. Thanks for asking. I'm happy Tournament Chess lets you use either. ...

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