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Everyone has equal access to the selected roles, so it's not so much the balance of the game that changes: only the metagame is affected. Before we start the game, we put all the roles pairwise on the table. Then we randomly select a starting player who picks one role. Its counterpart is removed. We proceed clockwise until all roles have been picked. This ...


Took some time to compare the rules, but man there's more than I thought. Some are more subtle, others are complete game changers. Here's a complete list (unless I missed any): Poor House US: costs 5 gold to build. EU: costs 0 gold to build. Removing characters US: First put down the face-down card, then the face-up cards. If needed, replace the king ...


In the US version, the Poor House costs 5 gold. In European versions, it costs 0 gold. The general consensus is that you should play the Poor House with its face value. If your version says 0 cost, that's what you should play it as. If you don't want to do that, make sure you inform everyone about this before the game starts. It's not clear which publisher ...


The cost is 5 gold. (Link to Fantasy Flight Poor House card)

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