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If could affect the game in the way, that you do not know if some player will trade with you. If he does not accept a trade you might be interested in, you could lack the ressources to do what you intended to do and have misplaced your pioneer (or vice versa, could have done some better move due to a surprisingly good deal). However, we always decide where ...


Yes. This was covered by the FAQ, v2.0: Q: Can a player disband an army figure in a city that already contains a fortification marker, or a scout in a city that already contains a caravan marker? A: Yes. However, the player does not add an additional fortification or caravan marker, or gain an additional bonus.


The spy operates to prevent movement into the first land square that it controls. If your piece is starting on land, your spy can prevent it from moving to any adjacent land square, thereby "freezing" it in place. If your piece is starting on sea, the spy can prevent it from "landing" (that is reaching any available land square). It has to remain at sea, ...


You may interrupt the figures movement in any place between the starting point and ending point. Including the starting and ending points. This can be argued By the official FAQ (v.2.0) Q: If a player has the Navigation tech and is moving a figure across water but cannot end in water, and his opponent stops that figure’s movement in a water ...


According to the rules of the base game (p. 25), eliminated unit cards are discarded and put face up under the appropriate deck on the market board.

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