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I wrote the AI engine for BTO Cribbage, a mobile Cribbage app. I played Cribbage growing up and decided to write my own app after playing the other apps. I have played 10+ other apps and most of them stink and/or cheat, like described by @aramis's answer. Being on both sides (a loyal player and an APP creator), I have a different perspective and found the ...


If I read you correctly, you're describing a hand like 4H 4D 4S 7D. 4H 4D 7D - 15 2 4H 4S 7D - 15 4 4D 4S 7D - 15 6 4H 4D - pair (2 points) 4H 4S - pair (2 points) 4D 4S - pair (2 points) You are indeed correct that this adds to 12 points. You are also correct that you can shortcut the pairs to 6 points as Pair Royal.

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