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This question would probably receive a better answer on Woodworking SE. According to Wikipedia, as well as Canadian Woodworking, this is called a Dovetail key, Dutchman joint, or Butterfly joint. Another common name for it is a Bowtie joint/key. Below is the picture shown on Wikipedia: Dovetail keys are used to hold together two boards or one board that ...


For wooden train tracks, this is sometimes called a double-male connector. I've also seen it used without the double prefix. I got the image from this page.


It looks like "wheel" and "dial" (or "game dial") are other names for this. I found a couple BGG threads with some suggestions: How do you make a game dial? Plastic grommets for cardboard wheels (ala BSG) The main things you could search for are: (paper) binding screws/screw posts/chicago screws (there's a site called Chicago Screws that sells them, but ...


Depending on how sturdy these need to be you could try attaching the pieces together with a brass brad. Granted it will not work for terribly long before it gets worn out, but if it's just for prototyping it should be sufficient.


A good tip I use is buy 3 combination locks from the doller store that look like this http://www.amazon.com/BestDealUSA-Combination-Luggage-Padlock-Durable/dp/B007VXKXQ0/ref=sr_1_2?s=hardware&ie=UTF8&qid=1427741474&sr=1-2... they are tiny but can be used to keep track of a bases points and fit in the game box, total cost $3 - total gamechanger

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