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A player may not chose an Action card that he resolved during the previous game round (pg11 of the Rule Book) Given that rule, how can you use Force Field indefinitely?


According to Page 28 of the Official Rules: If a Space Marine is ever able to move to a non-adjacent position (with a card or ability), he does not cause the formation to shift. He simply switches places with the Space Marine that occupied his new position.


by my understanding... the halves are determined by looking at the space left by the dead marine. So it's after removing him. I believe that, yes, when claudio dies in your example, the terrain all winds up at the front.


Your assumption makes sense to me. The action lets you move to any rather than an adjacent position, but otherwise follows all of the usual rules for movement. That's certainly how we play it. (The only viable alternative rule to shuffle each marine moved pass one space down the formation, until the vacated space is filled, but that would cause a lot more ...


I find it harder with more players. Mostly because people tend to coordinate less... and so suboptimal decisions are more common. There also is the issue of more genestealers per event card, but more troops means more shots made. Worst blowouts I've seen have been 6p games. I've run the game with a 3p setup for 2p, with one of the two controlling two ...

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