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I might suggest trying Possibility storm. Use it to find Emrakul and play him for free on turn 5. Or use Quicksilver Amulet to play him on turn 4-5.


1) Quicksilver Amulet. 2) Get Skittering Invasion on the board to spawn off 5 tokens and then play. Cryptic Gateway to tap 2 of the tokens to play any Eldrazi from your hand. 3) The harder way: Urza lands like Urza Incubator, as well as the Urza land combo. 4) 12 post the crap out of it! All of these ways are how my deck works, and I have been able to ...


You need to clarify what you mean by 'cool'. It is fun to use older cards, however, it is only allowed in some tournaments. If you are going to play with friends (called "Casual Magic") then you should build decks with any cards you have. If your cards are too powerful, then your friends will complain. If your cards are too weak, then you might find ...

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