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Start by accepting that your deck won't be as straight-up competitive as it could be without Mox Opal — it's a staple, and cutting staples, especially for budget reasons, inevitably involves giving away some percentage points here or there. Maybe you can gain some improvements in unusual matchups, though. What does Mox Opal do for you? Consider what ...


(Prices below are approximations for singles, not playsets, using TCGPlayer prices as of 4/16/2014) Fellwar Stone relies on your opponent having color-producing lands. ~$0.50 Star Compass relies on you having color-producing lands. ~$0.25 Coldsteel Heart comes into play tapped and produces only one color (chosen as it enters the battlefield). ~$1.50 ...


It's really hard to say, since I haven't really tried all of the factions. While there are no combinations I can tell you to avoid like the plague, I can give advice on what works. You see, my girlfriend and I play a lot and we both have our favorite combos; hers being Robots and Dinosaurs which work really well together and mine being Zombies and Aliens. ...


The format you're playing is very important to answer this question. Playing Standard, for example, limits your options to the most recent few sets, while on the opposite end of the spectrum, playing Vintage or Commander opens up nearly every card ever printed. Against removal, you can go for creatures with hexproof/shroud (Thrun, the Last Troll/Scythe ...


Against removal, try Hexproof (Ranger's Guile, Sheltering Word) or Indestructible (Mortal's Resolve, Withstand Death).


They way it should be handled is having a strategy that either ignore non creature permanent or that is fast enough to not care.

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