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30 pokemon (includes evolutions) 12 trainer cards 18 energy Try to focus on two types of pokemon good type sets are water-fire, fire-psychic, and water fighting. You can also have a few normal type pokemon and still be efficient.


I mostly agree with the accepted answer, but i think the numbers are a little off. so i will try to be concise: 15-18 creatures is average, and the best answer for draft with no other information. 14 creatures is the absolute lower limit without a good reason 11-13 is the range for decks that are built that way, ex. tempo, prowess, etc. <10 are rarer ...


10creatures, 24 land,10 spells, 10 artifacts 6, of anything


This is going to feel a lot like going to a Pre-release blindly. Excpet that you want to end up with a 60 card deck (usually 40% lands, so 36 cards, 24 lands). Sort the cards by Color. Within each Color, Sort by mana cost Find your "Bombs" for each color, and separate them from the rest. These will be cards that win the game quickly upon being played ...


If you're willing to spend a bit of time up front, you can probably "triage" the cards in a way that might make deck building easier. Grab a large section of cards and sort out the colors you are interested in. Sort the cards within the colors by the set symbol. The idea here is that you're more likely to get interesting synergies from cards that are from ...


Since you have no prior knowledge about the cards you got, and they are from practically all possible sets of Magic since its first release, your card pool will be wildly inconsistent, and synergies between cards will be incidental, if they exist at all. A veteran player can sift through such a pool relatively quickly because he or she would already be ...

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