The Decktet is a game system consisting of forty-five cards in six suits.

The Decktet is a set of cards with which a number of different games can be played, much like standard playing cards. Each card has a rank and some number of suits. The suits are generally unordered, and are moons, suns, waves, leaves, wyrms and knots. The base deck consists of thirty-six cards with ranks two to nine, ace and crown. The cards between two and nine have two suits each, and between them there is exactly one suit per rank. There are six aces and crowns, one for each suit. The extended deck has an additional nine cards and are often left to one side during a game. They are the pawns, courts and the excuse. The pawns and courts have three suits each, and the excuse has no suit.

For more information, a print-and-play deck, and rules to a large number of games, check out The Decktet Wiki.

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