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In descent second edition, monsters placed as reinforcements at the start of the turn can be activated (including using their one attack action) that turn. This is not true for monsters placed as reinforcements at the end of the turn.


He needs to watch: 1. the groupsize 2. the numbers of Monsters he's allowed to spawn 3. the Moment. 4. Conditions The spawnig rules for Every Quest, are described in the Questbook For Example: Spawn 1 Zombie(2) in the Beginng(3), Keep Groupsize(1) (In the Beginng allows the Overlord to use his Monsters) Spawn 2 Zombies(2) in the Ende(3),Keep ...


If the Monster is killed in current Hero turn, the Overlord can spawn it again in his turn. He just need to watch the groupsize and the numbers of Monsters he's allowed to spawn and the Moment. (And yes it can be an Advantage for the Overlord, if you kill an single big Monster and he's allowed to spawn it in the beginnig next to you. Its like an free heal. ...


We start with 4 Heroes. Everyone gets the XP and the loot. Even if there are only 3 Heroes, we take the 4 Heroes Loot (if its making an difference). Else the Heroes would be Later on to weak. Also for Shopping we play with 4 Hero rules. And if the Playnumber increase between scenes. We allow the Overlord to draw one Card. Groupsize should fit to the heroes ...

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