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A comment from the publisher on their Kickstarter page answers your question perfectly: This is their answer, but I'm also seeing complaints about unevenly shaped dice. If this is the case for your game, you should try to get your dice replaced. If you can't get your dice replaced, make sure you don't put duplicates on opposing faces. You want dissimilar ...


As long as the die isn't poorly manufactured, the propablility to roll any given side is close (for a perfect die - identical) to 1/6. The actual placement of faces changes nothing.


The tradition of numbering a d6 with 1 opposite 6, etc. goes back to the Ancient Greeks, if not before. As far as I know, the original reasoning behind that numbering isn't really known. It is, however, a way to improve fairness for a slightly flattened die, as noted above. Other defects such as voids could cause a particular region of a die to ...

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