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Yes. Dice that are secured with a spell are regarded as focused, and can be used at any time (by any player, including you) to fulfill a task's requirement(s). You don't need to roll again.


Another reason might be that originally 6-sided dice used little holes to mark the numbers. The material removed to create a 6 is more than that to create a 1. As such, the different sides of a die had different weights. To balance the weight across all three directions of the die, opposing numbers were chosen to balance out the different directions. The ...


Yes. The latest copy of the rules is actually much clearer than the version that came in my set. Here's the quote, with the same emphasis as the rulebook, but parenthetical bits removed: When a die is secured on a Spell card, it remains there until any player chooses to use it to complete a task, removes it from the spell to roll it, or until ...

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