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Perhaps I'm jaded from online play but I have found that reputation seems to matter little online (in person it makes a big difference). I have literally been the victim of 1st turn lies and betrayals in every online game I've played. I believe I've had about a 3 to one ratio of unkept vs kept early move promises. But as far as can tell no one seems less ...


I think of it this way, in Diplomacy the goal is to win by using every tool in at your disposal against your fellow players. However the communication with the judge is different and needs to be truthful (not counting submitting multiple set of orders that supersede each other) It is one thing to deceive other players with fake orders, and letting others ...


Avoid this situation by having everyone submit a public key signature on all of their moves, which can easily be verified by the other players. Implementing this with pen and paper is left as an exercise for the reader.


I believe the traditional response is to feed the game board to a tiger and award the offending player a toothbrush covered in jam. Which is to say, you're asking what the rules say should happen in a scenario that cannot happen if you're following the rules. That implies a contradiction, and contradiction implies anything. The rules of the game say ...


In that case I'd assume from the handwriting it would be pretty obvious which were the real Germany's orders. If you submit orders for another player, then your version won't be executed.

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