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I personally own all of the above apart from Dixit Journey (which I didn't even know existed). You should know that, Dixit 2 and 3, aren't technically stand-alone games; they're only sets of additional cards. Dixit Oddysey is nearly the same as original Dixit when it comes to rules. As far as I remember it has all the rules the original had, plus some ...


Yes! You simply have to fix rules about the sentence you want to use when it's your turn to play. For example: you must say a movie title, or lyrics from a song, or you can only make a grimace of some sort, or just a sound, and so on. We've tried something else that completely changes the game: first, the other players give you a card of their choosing, and ...


Dixit Odyssey has rules for 7+ players. The suggested scoring system for 7+ players: Each player has two vote tokens, not just one. They can split their guess between two cards if they want. If all players correctly identify the storyteller's card, or none do, everyone except the storyteller receives two points each. Otherwise, the storyteller receives ...


Mayday Games has 80 x 120 mm in stock which is what you need. I'm told that 3 x 5 recipe card covers will work as well. You can find them on Amazon if you can't find them locally.


The concept of all the Dixit games are the same, they just have different images. The regular Dixit's images are definitely random. The Odyssey and Journey are more themed around travel and adventure. If you are a fantasy adventure person, I'd recommend Journey because there is Harry potter and Lord of the Rings references galore to be made. As for the ...


That particular rule isn't particularly balanced, and is included for convenience. However, playing with fewer cards in hand also imbalances the game, as storytellers have fewer cards to choose from to come up with a good hint, and other players have fewer options to play in. Turns as the storyteller aren't the same value as other turns either; the ...


That doesn't sound too bad, except that the drawn cards could be really off. Alternatively, you could try to play a cooperative variant. These two are interesting: The game is cooperative. Each player is the storyteller five times for a total of 10 turns and you go for a high score. The highest possible is 70. Neither player has a hand. Each ...


There aren't official tokens for more than 7 players. Instead, you can have the rule that people hold their hands over their voting cards on the table to indicate readiness. That makes it easy to tell if someone is still deciding, and if you hold the voting card face down against the table it stops the pegs falling out.


We bought the Journey version for our 8 year old a couple of years ago. We liked the concept of the game, but the images used in this version are dark and a bit disturbing. Almost all of them depict sad or angry characters in depressing or distressed scenes. I do not recommend this version as a family-friendly game.


Board Game Geek has a listing of the card's size and the various types of sleeves that will fit them Number of Cards: 84 Mayday Sleeve Size: Magnum Gold 80 x 120 mm Swan Panasia Sleeve Size: SWN-045 (Dixit) 80 x 120 mm


We had three variants: for a more casual play, you can discard cards and draw replacements whenever you want. this lifts some of the mental blocks. A player must play the same clue twice in a row, so he has to choose his clue wisely. As a catch-up mechanic - the player with the least points gets to play two cards.


Dixit expansions come in boxes of size 8.1 x 3 x 12.7 cm. The cards from the base set, Journey or Odyssey should fit in one of those exact same boxes. Get a box for each expansion that you own. You could make your own boxes, from sheets of cardboard using a box template like this one. You'll want to use 250 grams paper (g/m2, see grammage). Just put your ...


When it comes to the differences between various Dixit games, I'm hoping you've already read this question (and its answers). But to answer your question, I'm not sure there are really that many choices to make. Dixit 1, 2 and 3 are meant to provide similar experiences but with different cards, so there's no real difference there in terms of abstraction or ...


Does Dixit need any modifications for more players? You need some way for each of those players to secretly bid on what card they think is correct (numbered playing cards could work). As for the number of players affecting how likely it is for a random guess to give them points, let's do some math and find out. Let's assume in all these examples that the ...


There are also a few expansions out there. Increasing the pool of images helps.

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