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This BGG geeklist seems to have links to a bunch of user generated content. It also has links to the official WoTC adventures, but they seem to be permanently removed at this point, so the only way to get them would be from someone that already has the PDFs.


Since you didn't specify which specific game in the Dungeons and Dragons Adventure System you're referring to, the following excerpt is from the Wrath of Ashardalon rulebook Place a Monster on the new tile. To place a Monster, draw a Monster Card and place the corresponding Monster figure on the scorch mark of the newly placed Dungeon Tile. (The name of ...


Miguel's answer is largely correct. However, there are also rules for handling treasure tokens in an adventure that doesn't use treasure tokens. In the same rules, page 16, the FAQ tells you how to handle events that refer to treasure tokens when you're not using them: Dragon’s Tribute (59): If you aren’t using the Treasure Tokens in this adventure, draw ...


From the rulebook (source), under optional rules (page 15): Monster and Treasure Tokens Some Adventures use Monster or Treasure tokens to add an element of surprise or risk to a particular scenario. The Adventure explains how to use the tokens and when they are needed. If an adventure gives no explanation for their use, then yes, they simply give the ...

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