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The Golden Rule of Dominion is "do as much as you can". If no copies of a card exist (e.g. because they've all been trashed) then no card is given out by a Jester. Since Knights are unique cards, no-one gains anything when a Jester reveals one.


If Dame Jospheine is revealed, she is a Victory card,so that triggers the first text on Jester, and the player owning her gets a Curse.


Horn of plenty doesn't give you money, it lets you gain a card costing up to the number of different named cards you have in play. This means you should always play it after your other treasures, you then gain a card from Horn of Plenty. Afterwards you then do your buys as normal. Horn of Plenty doesn't use up a buy or any coins. If you don't want to buy ...


A fair amount of the time, Followers is going to be the strongest prize. If the board doesn't have another way to give Curses, and you are getting to choose a prize relatively quickly, giving out the only Curses in the game should have a pretty big impact. Also, bringing your opponent down to a 3-card hand will make it more difficult for him to buy those ...


There are no "official" kingdom sets for Prosperity and Cornucopia. Personally, I like it when both Tournament (from Cornucopia) and Colonies (from Prosperity) are out, because it tempts people to try to buy some Provinces and end the game on piles. Even more interesting if Bishop is out, so you could potentially trash the Provinces for decent points. I'd ...


Trusty Steed and Followers are usually the top, and choosing which is pretty situation-dependent. Bag of Gold is always good, and in most cases I'll take Duchies (or not reveal my Province) rather than clutter my deck with Diadem and Princess. Followers? When Followers shines, it's great. Discarding and cursing is incredibly harsh, but the penalty of ...

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