Dominion (2-4 players, 30-minutes) is a card game where each player starts with a small identical deck. Each game, 10 kingdom cards (most commonly actions, but sometimes extra treasure and victory cards) are selected to be available for purchase. Dominion won the Spiel des Jahres prize in 2009.

The original Dominion set (released in 2008) contains 25 kingdom cards, allowing for 3,267,860 possible unique combinations. Many expansions are available (see below), greatly increasing the total number of kingdom cards available, and making the number of possible games astronomical. When compared to the expansions, the kingdom cards in the base set are noticeably straightforward; it's a very good set for introducing new players to the game.

To play, the "base cards" are needed. These consist of the basic treasure and victory cards, and are included in the base game (Dominion) and in the Intrigue expansion, or they can be purchased separately as "Dominion Base Cards". All other expansions require the base cards to play.

Typical Questions and Tag Use

The tag should be used for all Dominion-related questions, though if your question features elements from one of the expansions it's nice to add that tag as well. We welcome general and specific strategy questions, probability and statistical questions, accessory and storage questions and, of course, rules questions. (The Dominion rulebooks are extraordinarily comprehensive. For questions regarding how cards interact, if you can, check the individual card entries in the appropriate rulebook(s) and you'll probably find your answer there.)

The Dominion community on this site is quite active. We invite new users to browse old questions and, if you think something has been missed, add a new answer!


There are many expansions for Dominion. You can find content related to each of them through their tags:

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