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Personally I like to have people learn the value of chapel early, so a subset of moat+militia, cellar/village, remodel, council room could be good in my opinion (depending on how much you like chapel/militia which). One setup that is nice could be most of these plus workshop, spy/woodcutter/moneylender. The importance is to vary the game. See which cards ...


You only "play" the Duration once, on the turn when you, well, play it. The next turn it will just have an effect without you needing to play it. So this means Durations don't work especially well with the +1 Card etc tokens. They'll still work okay, especially if your deck is reasonably big (so you don't often have Durations enduring over the reshuffle).


The easiest thing to do is to just start later. Dominion has a distinct (though slight) first player advantage. So start last, every game. (The rules even say to have the player to the left of whoever last won to go first.) If that's not enough, just do nothing your first turn, or two turns. This has the advantage of being completely legal under the rules ...


4 Ideas we Use: Make 2 or 3 Stack of Pointcards and Mix the Pointcards, so every Stack. is random. So you are forced to wait or buy bad cards And more buying Options can be very valuable. Play it until one (or two) Stacks are empty. Use the Normal Number of Pointcards. Use more Cards :D Use Aggressive Cards which make people throw cards away or polute ...

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