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You can't gain a gold by trashing Market Square, only by discarding it. Once you've trashed it you can't then discard it. Consequently you can't gain a gold by using Chapel to trash it and another card. The only way I can see to trash the Market Square and use its ability is by discarding it, reshuffling, picking it up again and then trashing it. This ...


The cards are trashed at the same time, so if you are trashing Market Square, you would not be allowed to discard Market Square for its effect also. You choose all the cards you want to trash, and then trash them at the same time; you don't trash them one-by-one. This matters for interactions with Dark Ages cards with on-trash abilities. Dominion ...


Dominion cards are always processed from the top down: To play an Action, the player takes an Action card from his hand and lays it face-up in his play area. He announces which card he is playing and follows the instructions written on that card from top to bottom. -- Base rules PDF However, "when you trash" cards interrupt the existing ...


Colin is right, the Dark Ages rule book says: " If Rats is trashed, you draw a card. This happens whether it is your turn or another player's, and regardless of which player has the card that trashed Rats." Also from the Original rule book: “Reveal” – when a player reveals a card, he shows a card to all players and then returns it to wherever it came from ...


The drawing (from trashing rats) happens first. The cards you draw are the unrevealed cards.


1) Remodel the Remodel Card for Gold (4+6) 2) Buy another Remodel during the buy phase to replace the trashed Remodel 3) precisely depending on the speed of the current game, shift your focus from Gold to Provinces, remodeling gold to provinces for the victory!

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