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One great resource is Dominion Deck Builder, a website that allows users to design and save kingdoms. They can be voted on, discussed, etc. This is also a frequently-discussed topic at the Dominion Strategy Forum. Here are a few threads that each list several Kingdom setups that people have suggested, and in the latter 2 threads, voted on: ...


A new promotional card was released at Origins 2014 and it is now available in the Board Game Geek Store. It is the Prince card. This is in addition to the other promo cards that have already been mentioned: Black Market, Envoy, Governor, Stash, and Walled Village.


Trade Route tokens are never replaced. They're either on the Victory cards or on the Trade Route mat. Remember that if you gain a card, you also transfer the token over to the mat. Last but not least, each Victory card, whether it's a starter card (e.g. Estate, Duchy, Province, Colony) or Kingdom card (e.g. Garden, Fairground, etc.) starts off with a ...


No, you cannot do this. Your "hand" always refers to cards that you physically keep in your hand. Cards that you have played this turn are in a different place, the "in-play" area. On page 6 of the rulebook: To play an Action, the player takes an Action card from his hand and lays it face-up in his play area. Pages 9 and 10 also show picture ...


If you have played the card, then it is on the table, not in your hand.


You do not replace the coin tokens. So with Colonies in the game, and no other extra victory cards, yes, four is the maximum number of coins on the mat. Remember that there potentially are other victory cards among the kingdom cards in the game, though, depending on what expansions you're playing with - like Gardens from the base game, and many others. Why? ...


You do not replace them, but four is not the maximum number of coins: the kingdom may include victory cards like Harem, Gardens, or Feodum.

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