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One significant difference that leads me to prefer Descent over DOOM is Ammo. In DOOM, Ammo is "full of fail". Ammo scarcity is a thematic element that happens to be implemented in an abstract way that is often flat out not fun. The breadth of characters and skill and item combinations make Descent really come to life compared to the relatively lackluster ...


I'm not a player of the Doom board game, but I'm a player of many other board games and the Doom computer game and therefore think I can make a fair interpretation as to what the rulebook and campaign book rules might mean together. I think rule 1 (A killed marine...) means that at any time the marine is killed during a scenario he will respawn with the ...


I don't know a download site for this. However, Fantasy Flight are extremely good about sending replacement components, so it may be worth just emailing their customer service and asking for one.


I think this BGG forum topic is a great comparison of those two games.

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