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This is a lesson in a technique called "unblocking." And yes, the hand can be made in a "roundabout" way. The first thing you should notice is that North has five tricks in hearts, from K down to 9. The thing that prevents you from taking those tricks is the "blocking" A in South's hand. So on the lead of the king of spades, declarer takes the ace of spades ...


It is doable: Trick 1: South trashes Ace of Hearts, North takes with the Ace of Spades. Tricks 2-6: North leads (and takes) with 9-K of Hearts, South trashes 10-A of Diamonds. Tricks 7-12: North leads (and takes) with 4-9 of Diamonds, South trashes 3-8 of Clubs. Trick 13: North leads Club 2 to South's Ace.

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