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The card cannot be used to destroy Heavy Raiders. The word "Raiders" refers to normal Raiders only and not Heavy Raiders. This is similar to the question about whether or not nukes can destroy Heavy Raiders (the card also only refers to Raiders). The FAQ's answer is that nukes only destroy normal Raiders, not Heavy Raiders.


You are correct it is possible to have only one Cylon. This situation can occur if one player is dealt two You Are A Cylon or Sympathizer cards, and the remaining Loyalty card with that name is the last undrawn Loyalty card. Using the standard Execution rules for Exodus, if you were human, you would add a You Are Not a Cylon card to the Loyalty deck when ...


The situation of having only one Cylon in a 5/6 player game is possible if using the Exodus rules for execution and loyalty deck setup. The Exodus expansion added the concept of "You are not a Cylon" deck in addition to the Loyalty deck, and also an additional step to Human Execution: The player adds one card from the “You Are Not a Cylon” deck to the ...


The core question here seems to be: does "make a skill check" refer only to yourself, or just refer to executing a skill check regardless of who triggered it? My gut feeling is that this phrasing usually means you can only use this on skill checks YOU triggered at a location. The person taking the action is "making the skill check". For one thing, this ...


Yes. The situation is a little strange, but it's clear that the card is intended to increase the jump track twice on a passed check, and the rules for resolving cards are clear.


I believe anyone can play Political Prowess before a location-based skill check, not just the current player. If not, the card doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Why would anyone activate a location and then use this card to fail the skill check? Even if the player were a Cylon, is there any location in the game which has a negative consequence for failing ...

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