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I can only answer for High-Bohn. They add new beans, but more importantly both add other things too. High-Bohn adds facilities you can buy for money that has special beans on the other side. For example, there are facilities you can only buy with red beans. These facilities add new rules for you to use, like adding another field for only one sort of beans, ...


In terms of complexity, it doesn't add much. It all depends on your GOO (Great Old One), in fact, to determine what rules you're playing with in the end. And the additional rules don't make the game harder or more complex. They actually give the players other avenues to solving mysteries. Plus, setting up or tearing down the expansions doesn't add that ...


I have the Forsaken Lore expansion and haven't yet seen that it increases playtime, but it may increase difficulty (much in the same way that playing against Cthulhu in the base game is a little more challenging than say, any of the other Ancients). I have played the Forsaken Lore expansion now a couple of times and it's just as lengthy as the base game.

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