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No, you can only trade with the bank in your own trading phase. The special building phase is just for building!


yes. Taken from the 5-6 players rules pdf: http://www.catan.com/files/downloads/settlers_5-6_rv_rules_100107.pdf emphasis mine: • Special Building Phase – Your opponents may build as outlined below. The Special Building Phase occurs just after the end of your turn (i.e., between player turns). All the other players may participate in the Special ...


Yes, it's correct, in that to use everything in the box, you absolutely need the base set and On the Brink. There are things in there that directly add on to things from On the Brink, and would be useless without it. But you can still use most of it without On the Brink. You can add in the roles and events, and you can play the lab, solo, and team variants. ...

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