The Fluxx tag should be used on all Fluxx games, because they're so similar. This includes:

  1. Fluxx
  2. Cthulhu Fluxx
  3. Oz Fluxx
  4. Star Fluxx
  5. Pirate Fluxx
  6. Zombie Fluxx
  7. Monty Python Fluxx
  8. Martian Fluxx
  9. Family Fluxx
  10. Eco Fluxx
  11. Stoner Fluxx
  12. Regular Show Fluxx
  13. Monster Fluxx (Target Exclusive)

There are small variations between the versions of Fluxx (some have Creepers and others don't; only Cthulhu has the Doom Count), but they are quite small, so we only have one tag for this family of games.

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