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From a discussion on BGG http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/917715/multiple-creeper-question Q:Can a single keeper have more then one creeper attached? Evil/Malfunction, two Brain Parasites, etc. A:Yes, as long as both Creepers are allowed to attach to the card, there can be two Creepers attached to the same card. Q:Also, do you choose which ...


@zovits is correct - Creepers attached to Keepers generally stay that way, until a card explicitly says to do otherwise. That said, there is, in Star Fluxx, the special case of "Beam Us Up" which is specifically addressed in the FAQ included in the rules.: Q: What happens to Creepers attached to Keepers during Beam Us Up? A: The Creepers stay with ...


If you play the rule as your turn of one play then you can follow the rule as long as it says that it is a free action then you can complete the new rule and then you have ended your turn.

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