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As much as I love Munchkin and Fluxx, the game mechanics are so different that combining them would just cause a headache. How would keepers interact with Kicking down the door? Do goals change the requirement to reach level 10? It would be so confusing and weird to play that I would suggest staying away from combining these card games. However, there were ...


The FAQ already answers part of your question: Q: How exactly do the Batman Cuffs work? A: Yes, the wording on that Keeper is a bit vague. The intention is that you can hide one Creeper under the card on your turn. You can reveal it at any time, but the hiding can only be done on your turn. We will be updating the wording on subsequent print ...


Free Actions do not count as a Play so Mystery Play and its analogues do not count as a Play and can be used anytime during your turn either before, during, or after drawing and playing. Reference:


I have several Fluxx versions. In all these versions, if keepers have powers, they can be used each turn (once during your turn). Exceptions are noted. So I assume, Adventure Time Fluxx uses the same rules. Also, I did not found anything that contradict this in the official rules.


To add to this, in Space Fluxx, there are two Keepers that can kill any kind of creeper, and two Keepers that can remove a single type of Creeper. However, all of them start the kill description with "Once per turn". So, these are specifically kept at this level.


Based on the wording of the card, and a strict interpretation of the rules, yes. To be more specific, if the rule "Play All" is in effect and your daughter has played the "Finger of God", she may choose to smite a Creeper in play and, in doing so return the FoG to her hand, where she must, at some point in her turn, play it again. At which point, she can ...

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