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While player B is holding cards, there is a violation of the hand limit rule, and that violation has to be resolved before the game can continue. This also means the trade hands card cannot fully resolve until player B has discarded his hand.


What will happen is Player A will pass his hand to Player B (should be 2 cards since Player A would have had 0 cards to start the turn, drew 3 and played 1) and since no other player can have cards due to the hand limit Player A gets no cards in return. Once the cards reach Player B's hand the hand limit will kick into action and force him to discard both ...


Your sister is correct. The Fluxx rules do say that "as soon as someone meets these conditions, they win!" I don't think this should be an issue, it requires her to find the "play all" (or play 3, etc.) card and there are plenty of ways you can disrupt her strategy: Change the rules so that there is a hand limit Change the rules to increase the play limit ...


She is right, the game ends instantly when someone meets the current goal requirement, even if that person isn't the current player. The game continues until someone meets the conditions of the current Goal. That player wins instantly, no matter whose turn it is! Listed under "winning" in the rules for normal Fluxx, and I'm pretty sure Star Fluxx is no ...

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