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If a player is stranded on a lone island piece, then they can still be moved using a Helicopter Lift card. Note these can be played by anyone, on anyone's turn, to fly a stranded player to safety (e.g. to Fool's Landing). If no one has a Helicopter Lift card by the time the island piece needs to be removed from the board, then the player drowns (and ...


Starting off with Fools' Landing being flooded is certainly a set-back, but all is not lost! Naturally, due to its crucial nature, if Fools' Landing does become flooded, shoring it up becomes a top priority. Your first option is to immediately move adjacent to Fools' Landing, if you can, and use an action to shore up. Failing that, any player can play a ...


While I have both and definitely notice the similarities, I don't regret the purchase. Here's why: 1) Forbidden Island is easier to teach. Not that I think Pandemic is very complicated, but I've been able to teach Forbidden Island to my 8 year old where Pandemic was a bit too much. Also, the fewer number of bits (cubes and such) has made the game less ...


Good question! And fortunately for you, the answer is "yes", as per these clarifications by Matt Leacock, the designer of the game: The Navigator can move the Diver up to 2 adjacent tiles. The first tile may be missing. The second tile may not be missing because the Diver must end her turn on a tile. When the Navigator moves the Explorer to ...


After the first reshuffle of the Treasure deck, go down to drawing only 1 Treasure card per turn. Since you'll have all the cards drawn fairly quickly, the challenge becomes maneuvering them to the right player. Usually by the time you get through the entire deck this way you've gotten at least one treasure and discarded the 4 cards, which means you won't ...


Your limited power to hold cards is still going to be one of the most important parts of the game. Since you're guaranteed to go through the deck at least once and probably more, don't be afraid to use your special action cards (helicopter and sandbags). You might already be doing this, but I know my group sometimes tries to save them when we could have ...


According to the rulebook: The Navigator may move other players up to 2 adjacent tiles per action As it states it's per action so yes you could repeat that same action 3 times. It's a very useful ability.


I own both, and will attempt to tackle each of your questions in turn: What are the key differences? Forbidden Desert removes the 'shrinking map' clock, and adds two new clocks: each player has a canteen with a finite amount of water, and there are limited ways to refill peoples' canteens. Each "Sun Beats Down" card causes everyone (there are ...


A friendly warning: This is a looong answer. I've calculated the chances of Fools' Landing being lost immediately after the first turn with all players playing to prevent it and a random tile setup. A few variables: n = number of players w = water level after rising once (2 for Novice, 3 for everything else) Special abilities/actions First, ...


While Forbidden Island is very similar to Pandemic in gameplay, it is worth purchasing both games. Forbidden Island is definitely easier to teach to new players and has an overall shorter play time. It is also worth noting that this game is dirt cheap, and has been seen as low as $10 on sale. Games are only as fun as the people you have to play them with, ...


Yes. From the rule book page 8. When the Flood Draw Pile Runs Out If the Flood draw pile ever runs out, immediately shuffle the Flood discard pile and stack the cards face down to form a new Flood draw pile. If this happens in the middle of a turn, continue drawing Flood cards as necessary from the new pile.


Summary The probability of losing in the first turn due to Fool's Landing sinking, assuming all players try their hardest to avoid it, is dependent on the difficultly level and the number of players n: Difficultly | n | Probability Novice | 2 | 0.00199 Novice | 3 | 0.00122 Novice | 4 | 0.00071 Normal/Elite | 2 | 0.00291 Normal/Elite | 3 ...


You didn't mention how many players were in that game, but if I assume there were two, here are the probabilities of that happening to you: Step 1 - Having Fools landing be flooded before the game starts - 25% (1 in 4) Step 2 - Drawing a water rise card on your first turn (either 1st or 2nd treasure card) 24% chance - P(atleast 1 water rise card) = ...


You got it right the first time. In your example, it takes the diver 1 move action to go from T1 to T2. The Diver is incredibly useful for quickly getting around the island while it's flooded. It's not as overpowered as it would initially seem... until tiles start sinking, the Diver hasn't any other special abilities. In later stages of the game, you can ...


Yes, he can turn. Page 4 of the rules state The Diver may move through one or more adjacent missing and/or flooded tiles for 1 action. There is a thread on BGG here where the designer confirms that turns are allowed.


I don't think I agree with tttppp's answer - assuming he is saying that you can't use a Helicopter Lift in response to a tile sinking. The rules for special action cards state: These cards are taken into your hand and can be played at any time — even on another player’s turn. Playing a Special Action card does not require an action. Yes, there ...


A lot of it depends on what roles you choose. Engineer obviously is going to have a greater ability to shore up areas, and Explorer is good with that as well. I'd say these are the two optimal roles -- stay close together, and plan to go through the deck at least once. Pilot and Diver, you are focusing less on shoring up (although that's important), and ...


You may only have 5 cards at any given moment. If you share a treasure card (or cards) with a player that already has 5, that player must immediately discard down to 5.


I interpreted the rules that way, since other player abilities like the Explorer are not limited that way. When we play, a navigator can use her ability multiple times per turn.


No. When you capture a treasure, discard cards to the Treasure discard pile and move the figurine in front of you. This is also where encountered Waters Rise! cards are placed. Discard the Waters Rise! card to the Treasure discard pile.


In addition to being able to move normally, the Diver may move through one or more adjacent missing and/or flooded tiles for 1 action. A missing tile is one that has sunk. This has been confirmed by the game's creator.


Yes. Page 6 of the rules states Note: You may use the power of a Special Action card if you are forced to discard it.


One way to alleviate the issue is to have the Pilot always take the first turn. Since they start on Fools' Landing, they can prevent the instant loss by shoring it up. In a 4-player game, you have reduced the chances by an additional 1/5 (in a 2-player game by 4/10).


I suspect you're asking if the board "wraps around", can the diver swim from the left side to the right side? From the top to the bottom? Answer is definitely "no" on that one, it would be mentioned in the rules if it was. As to the other possible question you might be asking, "can the diver swim through ocean to get to another island tile", there's no need. ...

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