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Yes. "Fly to a tile" is not the same thing as "discard a Helicopter Lift card". Furthermore, the Pilot's ability specifically limits the flight to another island tile. The win condition: Get to Fools’ Landing! Once you have collected all four treasures, everyone must move their pawns to the Fools’ Landing tile. Then, one player must discard a ...


In Forbidden Island, the players have no secrets from each other. There is also no real-time component to the game or other physical limitation that benefit from multiple real players. As such, you can simply play alone by playing with more than one character. Each character has its own hand and plays in turn as if they were played by different people.


The rules list four actions that a player can take on their turn: Move Shore Up Give a Treasure Card Capture a Treasure Note that Move is an action and Shore Up is a different action. The Navigator's card text says the following: Move another player up to 2 adjacent tiles for 1 action. Since shoring up (or giving a treasure card, or ...


Yes, even if you have a Pilot, you must still play Helicopter Lift with everyone on the launch pad in order to win the game.


Yes, you still need to play Helicopter Lift to win the game, regardless of whether you have a pilot. The Navigator is only able to move other players, not cause them to take actions.


I tried: you can, but each difficulty level is to be considered one lower. In order to be able to have a chance to win with your friend if they have never played the game and that you want to start easy, you have to put the water cursor below the first line, adding a new level of difficulty: "extra-novice". But if you intend to have more than 4 players ...

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