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According to the rulebook: The Navigator may move other players up to 2 adjacent tiles per action As it states it's per action so yes you could repeat that same action 3 times. It's a very useful ability.


You got it right the first time. In your example, it takes the diver 1 move action to go from T1 to T2. The Diver is incredibly useful for quickly getting around the island while it's flooded. It's not as overpowered as it would initially seem... until tiles start sinking, the Diver hasn't any other special abilities. In later stages of the game, you can ...


You may only have 5 cards at any given moment. If you share a treasure card (or cards) with a player that already has 5, that player must immediately discard down to 5.


I interpreted the rules that way, since other player abilities like the Explorer are not limited that way. When we play, a navigator can use her ability multiple times per turn.


No. When you capture a treasure, discard cards to the Treasure discard pile and move the figurine in front of you. This is also where encountered Waters Rise! cards are placed. Discard the Waters Rise! card to the Treasure discard pile.


In addition to being able to move normally, the Diver may move through one or more adjacent missing and/or flooded tiles for 1 action. A missing tile is one that has sunk. This has been confirmed by the game's creator.


I suspect you're asking if the board "wraps around", can the diver swim from the left side to the right side? From the top to the bottom? Answer is definitely "no" on that one, it would be mentioned in the rules if it was. As to the other possible question you might be asking, "can the diver swim through ocean to get to another island tile", there's no need. ...

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