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Yes. "Fly to a tile" is not the same thing as "discard a Helicopter Lift card". The Pilot's ability specifically doesn't allow him to leave the island. The win condition: Get to Fools’ Landing! Once you have collected all four treasures, everyone must move their pawns to the Fools’ Landing tile. Then, one player must discard a Helicopter Lift card to ...


Yes, even if you have a Pilot, you must still play Helicopter Lift with everyone on the launch pad in order to win the game.


The rules list four actions that a player can take on their turn: Move Shore Up Give a Treasure Card Capture a Treasure Note that Move is an action and Shore Up is a different action. The Navigator's card text says the following: Move another player up to 2 adjacent tiles for 1 action. Since shoring up (or giving a treasure card, or ...


Yes, you still need to play Helicopter Lift to win the game, regardless of whether you have a pilot. The Navigator is only able to move other players, not cause them to take actions.

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