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There are four cases where you give up: If you choose to give up (which you can only do before revealing the next adventure card). If you reach an Open Space card with zero engine power. If an adventure card leaves you with no human crew on board. If you are lapped in turn order (i.e. the player in the lead loops around the board and overtakes you) [...


No, there's nothing special about your starting piece other than its shape and not being able to hold aliens. As long as you have crew (and engines if you hit open space) you can keep going.


In the base game, always. Having a large ship full of useful tiles helps you deal with every situation better: guns for enemies, crew for abandoned ships and stations, engines for open space, cargo space to loot planets. And if something bad does happen, a large ship is more likely to be able to handle the mishap and keep going. If the cards look dangerous,...


Shields are not very effective during the first round. First, it should be noted that the negative effects of the Pirate, and the Combat Zone adventure cards are some what avoidable. In the Pirate encounter case, if you make sure that your ship has 5+ Laser power, you will not be shot at. With the Combat Zone, you just need to make sure that you don't have ...


I find it's more important to get a solid, sizeable piece in early than it is to worry about exactly what that piece is. Since you're building in real time against opponents, part of the strategy is not letting them have the chance to take all the good pieces. Solid choices are most 4-ways, or cargo, or a gun/engine at the ship bottom. Avoid powered pieces ...


I find Shields to be reassuring but not necessary for Round 1. Usually having extra people, lasers or cargo space will be more beneficial. Lots of Round 1 ships can't carry the cargo on all the planets that you encounter.

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