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Mana sources could go on the stack the same way as other effects. The main difference would be that you could be interrupted in between preparing the costs to be payed and actually paying the costs for casting a spell. For instance you could use all your mana sources in preparation for casting a spell, but your opponent reacts by using their own mana ...


With more players in the game the chances of at least one player deciding to challenge you go up. To counteract this, you need to make it less attractive to each individual player to challenge you, which can be done by modifying the payouts in the way described in the question.


Mage Knight: The Board Game uses a series of boards that are made of smaller hexes. Each board is 7 hexes and connects to the adjacent board. There are also symbols along the edges which dictate the orientation of each board.


Hexagons are naturally dividable into 6 equilateral triangles. Or you could opt for other than hexagonal boards. If you want hexagonal tiles, you could have collections of 7 (a central one with 6 surrounding ones), 10 (2 central ones with 8 surrounding ones), 12 (3 central ones with 9 surrounding ones), 14 (4 central ones with 10 surrounding ones) or 19 (7 ...

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