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The standard way to create balance in Axis & Allies is to use secret bidding. For example, bid an amount of money that Germany would get extra at the start of the first round of the game (the one bidding lowest gets to play Germany). For example, two players bid in secret. Player A bids 20 and player B bids 25. This means Player A gets to play the ...


Compare this to deck building games like Puzzle Strike or Dominion where the focus is on deck quality rather than size. Adding a new card doesn't help much if it dilutes your deck from its primary strategy. These games still have in game costs for adding the cards to your deck and playing them on your turn. Those costs are used to balance the cards.


Check out question 2:10 at The 18xx Rule Differences List: http://www.fwtwr.com/18xx/rules_difference_list/single_list.htm From my own stalled attempts at 18xx design, possible other implications: in full-capitalization games, a player who funds a company can then use that company's profits to keep a chain of companies going. Partial-capitalization games ...


NanDeck will do this: http://www.nand.it/nandeck/ Lets you script out card sets, fairly simple to change card sizes, etc.

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