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For the 1977 version, basically you have two choices. Try to win by having the most money. You move towards the Millionaire space. Once everyone has reached one of the two end spaces, the person with the most money at the Millionaire space wins, UNLESS someone successfully completes choice 2. Try to win by sheer dumb luck. Pick a number between 1 and 10, ...


The rules for The Game of Life have changed over time. In the 1977 version the following happens when you reach the end (Day of Reckoning): In the 1991 and 2000 versions the following happens when you reach the end (Retirement):


I haven't been able to find them online anywhere, but I believe I can narrow your search. This particular box was marketed exclusively to Great Britain, which makes them less popular than most English versions which were aimed at US buyers. Thus it's likely no one ever bothered to upload a pdf version of the game. Although the copyright is 1992, it's called ...


I'm not sure what version of the game you are playing. From Hasboro's rules for LIFE: BUYING A HOUSE When you reach this space [the red one that has a stop sign and the words BUY A HOUSE], stop --even if you have moves left. Draw 1 House Deed at random from the deck. Pay the bank the price on the deed (not the insurance amount; that’s a separate ...

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