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From a game theory perspective, you'd have to analyze this in more concrete scenarios. Yes, if someone says "one ace" on the first turn where everyone else has the same card holding and nobody happens to have three or four aces, it's a pretty silly risk to call them on it - which is why nobody does call them on it in that scenario. (Although, if you have ...


This by no means the entire answer (the other parts have been mentioned by other people) but a very good reason to call "Cheat" is... It's fun! I do play games to win, but I mainly play to have fun. Calling "Cheat" brings the element of risk, the excitement that you may win or lose, the fun.


You can call "cheat" even when you aren't 100% positive someone is lying to keep the fear of being called out real. Like @PhilipKendall said, if you are only going to call "cheat" when you can prove it or when you are at the last opportunity to keep someone from winning, there is never any fear of being called as long as you make relatively conservative ...


You're correct in that it's usually better to let other people call cheaters out, since there's a personal risk but no personal reward. However, imagine the case where it's about to be my turn, there's a large stack on the table, and I have no option but to cheat. Here, it might be best for me to call "cheat" on the person who just played in order to clear ...


Because if you're only ever going to call "cheat" when I play my last card, I'll cheat like crazy on every turn other than my last card and do everything in my power to make sure that I'm not cheating on my last card.

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