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Go tactics are essential, as other answers have said. Two critical aspects of beginning Go play are fuseki (openings, similar in theory to chess; you want to position your first pieces to stake a claim and assert control over territory on the board that you will then defend) and joseki (tactical "battles" for a section of the board; various combinations of ...


The best way to study Go tactics is to do lots of problems. GoGrinder is a really good way to practice if you're using a computer or an Android phone. I haven't kept the iPhone version up to date, so I can't really recommend that anymore.


On the contrary, studying tactics for go is essential. Books or online resources on Joseki, Tesuji, and Life and Death situations are good places to start, followed by general opening strategy as you gain experience. Playing games on 13x13 boards as well as the standard 19x19 will assist you in gaining experience in the balance between influence to the ...

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