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OGS has a review requests section. I just got a great review there so I'd like to share the link.


Molasses ko: "The semeai in figure 11 is probably the worst known case of repetition. Known as "molasses ko", ..." Denis Feldmann's Go Bestiary is a compendium of various things (interresting semeai, life and death, edge cases, incredible problems, rules edge cases, weird sekis, etc).


Here's the AlphaGo team's paper that has all of the details (behind a paywall): I gave a couple of tech talks about this recently. This one is about how AlphaGo works and the match with Fan Hui 2p: I gave another talk last year about why it's ...


Join a Go club with strong players. Your club mates will give you comments and hints. Visit Go conventions and go to Go tournaments. If joining a Go club is not practical for you, consider to take some payed Go lessons by a professional player.


GoKibitz is a new website that offers a nice frontend for discussing games. I did not use it myself, but it looks promising. I have no experience how strong the players are which are commenting regularly, however I saw at least many 1d or 2d comments. If you are willing to spend money on getting regular full reviews on your games I can highly recommend ...


The Go Teaching Ladder is a good place to get comments on your games. Unless you're already a dan player, you won't get comments from 6d+ players, but you also don't need them. Your game will be reviewed by a player several stones stronger than you, and they will be able too see enough of your mistakes to help you get stronger.


Those points should count. There must be a bug in the program.

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