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Whenever you are reduced to zero hit points, you are disabled. Before you get boxed and removed from the table you have to resolve any effects triggered by being disabled(I.e. Tough). So during your maintenance phase you roll to see if the fire goes out. If it doesn't you take the POW 12 damage roll. If this reduces you to zero hit points, then you are ...


According to Privateer Press Infernals: No. While knocked down, a model cannot advance. A model cannot sacrifice movement/action to stand until the start of its activation, which is well after the Maintenance and Control phases.


A model can have only one friendly animus in play on it at time. If another friendly animus is cast on a model, th eolder friendly animus expires and is replaced by the new one when the affected model is hit by the animus. This applies to animi used by warbeasts as well as those cast as spell. cit from the quickstart rules pag 4 right column ANIMI block. ...


So, found this little tidbit here: It seems that, yes, they can, for the reasons I stated above - because it is a special action, not a special attack.


I will interpret the question as, is there anything in the game rules that would preclude modeling these two figures in combat with each other. I have not played this one but given my understanding of what's allowed and what's not from various codex-based miniatures games this seems like a plausible pairing. Sorcha is a warcaster (https://battlecollege....

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