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We had three variants: for a more casual play, you can discard cards and draw replacements whenever you want. this lifts some of the mental blocks. A player must play the same clue twice in a row, so he has to choose his clue wisely. As a catch-up mechanic - the player with the least points gets to play two cards.


Random article from Google Stand on soft 17 Eight decks No mention of shoe emptying rules Splitting up to 3 times (total of 4 hands) Double down after splitting is allowed Not explicitly mentioned but unlikely due to one card after split Ace One card each after splitting an ace (and no resplit) Ace and ten after split is 21 The dealer does check for ...


This is just off the top of my head, but if the issue you're having is that someone needs to be 'stuck' there, then how about giving everyone a special action to skip their whole turn to "radio the driver" to take the action. This way, effectively, any player can be it without having to be in the truck, and people can take turns. Try it out, and if it ...

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