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Entry fee-100% 1st place-80% 2nd place 20% ( or any breakdown you like) Play the game in any version by game rules


As much as I love Munchkin and Fluxx, the game mechanics are so different that combining them would just cause a headache. How would keepers interact with Kicking down the door? Do goals change the requirement to reach level 10? It would be so confusing and weird to play that I would suggest staying away from combining these card games. However, there were ...


In the situation where a block touching the block you are removing is so loose that it gets significantly moved while you remove your piece there isn't much point in caring about the second piece. All that really happens is you give the next player a very easy turn because they know a piece that will come out easily. From a game play point of view there ...


I cannot recall encountering this situation. I reckon that ties are not common, and that there is not a clear rule. How it is handled would depend on the scoring system in use. For example, the description in Hoyle lists three settlement methods: "Cumulative scoring" and "Howell Settlement" avoid the issue, whereas in the "Sweepstake" method, if two players ...


You can only use one hand. you can touch multiple blocks at a time to support the tower to get a block out as long as it's only one hand as well. If you disturb a block while trying to get your block out, you may leave it there but it is recommended to fix it so the tower doesn't fall or leave the next player with a move.


The 3rd edition is coming soon... The new fuel strip will make the game much faster with very intuitive and straightforward fuel calculations, the main game stopper. And what about Colonization and Exomigration/Exploration/Simulation (incl. Bernals start on the ground) on top? And a multiplayer Interstellar afterwards? This game is like a mini campaign. The ...


An older thread, so I hope somebody is still reading! I've wondered exactly the same thing. Again, we haven't played it a huge amount, and in fact only once using the harbour expansion (using the 5-5-2 variant that seems popular). Whilst the expansion made the game better, rolling two dice seems counter-productive. You just can't cover the range of rolls ...


An easy way to speed up the game is to play cards directly from your hand instead of waiting for it to pop up in the run list. This speeds up the game allowing players to play bunnies and weapons more often. When I play with this rule games last about 1-2 hours at most.


Ties can be relatively common in Hearts, depending on the difference in skill levels between participating players. If you're playing for fun it might not seem right. If you're playing for wagers, it simply means that those who are tied receive an equal share of the pot. As Joe W points out in his comment, you can 'win' at hearts by not losing. This can ...

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