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When I learned, I think someone forgot to tell us about farms (or maybe omitted it intentionally). The game seemed to go fine without them.


Just to add my 2 cents, I teach the game to my kids (when there was 9). Everything is easy, except on how to explain to them the concept of farms. After a few games without them, I let them put some mepples inside the field after the game was finished so they could understand how the farms works.. now they play it with farms, but they are not very good with ...


You could do, the game would work perfectly well without farmers. I would argue against it because this still leaves the new players in a position where they don't see farms being used and don't see how they can score highly if placed well despite the long-term sacrifice of a piece. In my experience with teaching Carcassonne, players tend to go very ...


Of course it would still be playable! It would have a different balance, but it may even be better for newer players: experienced players would have to re-evaluate their strategies, which may put everyone on a slightly more even setting. Why not just try it? I mean, what's the worst that would happen?


Though we haven't tried it, it would seem the power tokens would be the way to go. Try some generous amount and see if the game starts swinging : it certainly should, once the player they are given to takes all the positions on the tracks, as longs as the player understands the rules and is not attacked ruthlessly in the beginning by the others. Another ...

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