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I would agree that the Rogue is the weakest class, although I don't have hard data to back that up. The reasoning is simple: she needs the same treasure count as the cleric, but is weaker in combat. Their special power to pass secret doors is a very poor compensation, not least because it's unreliable, and is easily copied with a secret door card. The ...


Don't know how much of an improvement this is but I found this: http://www.witchmastercreations.com/board-game-mod-afrikan-zombeja-or-in-almost-english-afrikan-zombies/


I don't know why you say the Rogue can never win. How many times have you played Dungeon? You might be interested in the variants posted on Board Game Geek, such as Class powers, Chambers, and so on: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1339/dungeon#files


I believe the iOS and/or Android versions of Carcassonne have an option to disable Farms.


When I play Carcassone with new players, I either give them a two meeple advantage, usually by having the experienced players (which is often just me) play without two of my meeples. This helps take away the big advantage experienced players have in knowing how farms work because they can't farm as aggressively (or else they will have no meeples left for ...


I consider the first game a learning game. Not teaching/playing the farms merely postpones it. I think the only way to really understand them is to use them and show. I also spend a lot of time giving advice to new players (depending on how fast they seem to be picking it up). The hardest part I've found is try trying teach them where they can play ...


I think they would be as they would for a 6 player game, as the south would have the same number of players in it. They serve a purpose to balance out things out, such as Storms End being very easy for Dorne to take, and so it would be the same in Rumble in the South


We tried a variant where the amount of resources are produced according to the probability of the dice roll that would produce this resource. Say you've got an "8" and "3" on ore and a "12" on wood. Each players turn, after the dice roll (for bandit, barbarians and C&K) resources are produced in this way: to roll an "8" with two dice the probability is: ...


just use a 12 sided die.its so easy


There is no middle-ground. The reality is assuming optimal Axis and Allied play the allies should always win as shuck-shuck should effectively weaken/spread German fronts before Japan can sufficiently bring the heat on Russia. The "Russia no first round attack" house rule is necessary to limit this Allied advantage by preventing the 3-5pts of additional ...

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