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That looks like a set of Quarto to me. There are eight dark/eight light pieces, eight tall/eight short pieces, eight round/eight square pieces and eight pointed/eight flat pieces. Usually the fourth attribute is hollow/solid, but the game works in exactly the same way with pointed/flat. To play the game start with all the pieces off the board, and the first ...


The game is called Gobblet. Players (2 only) alternate placing (and then shifting already placed) pieces on the board attempting to be first align 4 gobblets (ie pieces) in a row, either horizontally ,vertically, or diagonally. Players start with only the 3 largest pieces each, and larger pieces can gobble-up smaller ones (of either the opponent or it's ...


Could it be one of Rory's Story Cubes ? After looking closely at those photos, I'm going to say definitively, why yes. Yes it could.


Up Front? Old 1980s Avalon Hill card game with Russians, Germans, and US in the base game and lots of expansions. Recently funded for republishing on Kickstarter.


Looks like it's Frogger, a board game based on the video game. A picture of the die from there: And the game: (I found this by searching on Google for ["all hop over" "turn log"] - the single result is of all things a patent for the game.)

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