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I remember learning that from a book of 50 solitaire games and I believe it was called Pirates Booty


After hunting through various BoardGameGeek lists, I had the idea of looking for games set in Italy (there's actually a list for that!). The game in question is De Vulgari Eloquentia.


I know this post is old but were by chance thinking of Tricked out hero?


Here's one variation, having a couple different names: Kings Cup (AKA Ring Of Fire or Circle Of Death) Is a popular card drinking game. To play the game you should have a medium size group (at least 4 players). You start by placing a red cup in the middle of everyone and spread a deck of cards around it face down. You then go around in a circle taking ...


It could be Pictionary. Although this does have a board, maybe you have a different version. But in pictionary, you do have 2 different coloured cards and you have to draw what card comes up. The "unit" that you are talking about might be an electronic version of Pictionary where the "unit" gives out a random card.


This sounds a lot like Picture Gallery Solitaire, a game that was put out for Palm. I believe you can find an implementation on SourceForge.


Your description reminded me of Taboo. Therefore, I googled for an electronic version of the game and got two hits. Taboo Buzz'd Electronic Taboo (Platinum Edition) I do not know these versions so I do not know if they match the rest of your description but I hope one of these two is the game you are looking for.


I have no idea at all what these are, but based on the complete lack of google entries, I am guessing they are homemade. Regarding the three stats 'FrP', 'Gui', and 'Lck'. I'm not sure what FrP is, but maybe the others are Guile and Luck? Perhaps these are for some role playing game with those three character statistics? My guess is that these were ...

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