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I originally posted this question as a guest and am unable to select an answer, however, thanks to everyone who posted here, I have my answer and I'd like to share a little information with you all on the topic. World Wide Games of Colchester originally made the game. It was indeed called "Fore Par", and it included wooden pucks with little rubber rings on ...


Doing a quick search for "chess" and "immobilizer" led me to Baroque Chess.


Might it be Crazy Eight? (or Crates, Switch, Swedish Rummy, Last One, Rockaway, Mau-Mau or Pesten). It has the most rules you mention, like reverse, draw two. Looks like UNO. The last card rule might be a kind 'house rule', because there are a lot of variants of this card game all over the world. http://www.pagat.com/eights/crazy8s.html In the japanese ...


We played in threes rather than four, if the two outer cards were same value or suit then the middle card is discarded. If all three are same suit or value, all three are discarded. Continue to discard as long as is nessessary before drawing another card from the bottom. Never knew the name, but its my favorite game to play alone. Have actually won several ...

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