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The deck wasn't made with 20 cards in each suit to match a particular kind of game — it was made with 20 cards because that's the number of amino acids. Google translate gives us some indicators of that from the product description: 4 to one of the base 4 in one of the suits, 20 of amino acid 1 from 20 (...) Normal playing cards 13 compared ...


It was called Shift, but I have no idea who manufactured it or what year it was published. I'm looking right at it right now, it's in my hand, but there's absolutely no identifying marks other than the cover image, the title, "(THE TRICKY CONNECT-FIVE) GAME", and the instructions on the back that describe the move you're talking about. Other than that, it ...


Ghost Castle? That's my best guess, hope it helps!


I'm not sure if it ever included metal parts, but that sounds like it could have been crazy clock Other than that possibly Flying Finnegan or Grape Escape


We played similar at school, was called Bartlet there, although we didn't have spoons in the middle, was 4 cards and people could snatch cards from there before others, they had to get a set in their hand and their partner did too. You call "Bartlet", when you have a set and "Anti Bartlet"+declare couple when you think the others have a set. Brings back ...


Sounds like a variation on what the internet tells me is called Kemps. (Edit: The specific variation being Spoons related but while Spoons has similar bluffing aspects it lacks the team aspects in common with Kemps There is a more modern board game (Wink) that has a similar mechanic of getting your partner to announce you have the victory via secret signals ...

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