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Jenga, as designed, is most certainly a competitive game. The rules released with the game have stayed consistent over the years and have never described how to play in a cooperative manner. Most versions of the rules (such as the 2000 version) have a "Solo Play" variant that might also be able to be played cooperatively with multiple players: Play ...


According the the 2008 Vintage Game Collection version of Jenga, the tallest recorded Jenga tower was made by Robert Grebler in 1985 with a tower 40 2⁄3 levels*, using an original Jenga set produced by Leslie Scott, the designer of the game. Board Game Geek's gallery for Jenga includes a picture that nearly matches this at 40 levels tall. The user Romir ...


The inventor of Jenga actually mentioned this fact on a podcast called How to Do Everything in August of 2015. The trick is that the blocks are of slightly different thicknesses.

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