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You make the stack (without using the insert). You put the cardboard insert over the stack, with the horizontal bit on top, and push all the blocks into the insert to make sure they're all straight. You take the insert off and start playing.


I always build it upside down. So you put the cardboard retainer at the bottom, then build the tower. Finally, you slowly flip the tower using the retainer to keep everything in place. This doesn't work well for everyone, but it's how I learned to do it as a kid.


The official Jenga rules from 2000, which are printed on Hasbro's website, have this to say about setup: SETUP Empty the blocks onto a flat surface One person uses this loading tray to build up the tower by placing layers of three wooden blocks at right angles to each other. (See photo on package back.) When you finish, you'll have a solid, ...


Simple, you set the guide on its side and fill it with blocks. Afterwards, it's just a simple matter of lifting one side so that it's right-side up. I base this answer on the fact that the guide is placed as such in all the JENGA boxes that I have ever played with.

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