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As long as you are next to your existing settlements and the terrain types match the card, there is no requirement that the three settlements that you play be in the same physical piece of terrain.


Hymie's answer is completely correct. Quoting from the rulebook: the 3 settlements must be built successively one after the other. And BGG FAQ: There is no rule that you must necessarily place your 3 settlements in a single contiguous group (though sometimes you must, and sometimes you may choose to).


The first turn is basically a trade-off between getting the best bonus tile (given the scoring goals in play) and minimising the risk of getting trapped, by avoiding placing in a large area of one terrain and making as few adjacencies as possible. It's often possible to do this in such a way that the bonus tile you claim guarantees you another tile next turn,...


No, according to the game designer Donald X. Vaccarino: I do not see this in the rulebook, but the intention was that you do not lose the tile, even if you immediately move away.


The answer to your question, as asked, is "The settlement must go back to where you picked it up from." But your question includes this phrase I haven't built on any other desert fields yet. So the only neighbouring desert field would be that one. This is not the correct rule. Perhaps you meant to say that you haven't built on or next to any other desert ...


My groups have enjoyed having players always have two terrains from which to choose. When you play one draw to replace it.


I would say no. Moving a settlement is not building it. The rules say: The active player must check whether the conditions on red cards have been met after building each single new settlement. If these conditions have been fulfilled, the player immediately records the gold earned on the score track. This interpretation is confirmed by the ...


No. For scoring the Fishermen card, you can ignore any settlement on a water hex, no matter if it’s adjacent to another water hex or not. From the rules about the Fishermen card (page 5): Note - Extra harbor action: The "Fishermen" card does not generate gold for settlements on water hexes. This is also part of BoardGameGeek’s Kingdom Builder FAQ: ...


In the BoardGameGeek FAQ it says: Harbor and Barn: Adjacency is checked when placing the piece Check for eligible hexes after picking up the settlement to move. E.g. if you place 3 settlements together on 3 canyon hexes and now have no settlements adjacent to any canyon hexes, and then you pick up one of those settlements with the Barn, then you ...


You must build 3 settlements consecutively (which means all 3 right now, in a row, one after the other) during the current turn. So long as they are placed next to existing settlements, they can be split up.

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