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Tokens could always be tapped & untapped. They're (usually) supposed to be creatures, after all, and creatures tap & untap. Exhibit A: The very first token-generating card, The Hive, from Alpha: Note that the text says "mak[e] sure to indicate when each Wasp is tapped."


If you are looking for something like this that you can't easily find through most normal sellers I would try contacting the Customer Service departments of larger sellers like Star City Games or Channel Fireball and see if they have any way of finding the item in question for you. I don't know if CFB does this, but SCG does have a process for managing user ...


Unless the card that facilitates the copying (Clone in this case) states otherwise, you copy the target card exactly. This includes it's attributes such as color and casting cost. Since you are copying a black creature and blocked by a creature with protection from black, your creature will deal no damage to the opposing creature.


I assume that by "pro-black" you mean having protection from black? If so, since clone is a copy of a black creature, it has all its copiable values, including color. Your copy will thus deal no damage to blocking creature. If that creature had protection from blue, your creature would do normal damage since it is black, not blue.

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