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Any card that says "Exile target creature", "Exile target artifact", or "Exile target permanent" will remove an animated Darksteel Citadel. Cards that do this include Devouring Light Pillar of Light Ashen Rider Chained to the Rocks Curse of the Swine Excoriate Fade Into Antiquity Gild In addition, if it's toughness ever drops to 0, it will die as a state ...


Apart from Exile Effects; the Other things that can deal with indestructible creature-lands: -X/-X abilities like Nightmarish End, Lash of the Whip Sacrifice abilities like Dead Drop Bounce effects like Whelming Wave, Peel from Reality, Retraction Helix, and Aetherspouts Polymorph effects like Turn to Frog and Polymorphist's Jest (although I think ...

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