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It doesn't appear to have an official name, and the change is somewhat stealthy. The Monopoly wiki says The Dollar, also called "the Monopoly Dollar", "$", "pound", "£", "munny", and "Monopoly Money", is the main currency used in Monopoly. The new symbol is mentioned in passing: In Pogo.com's World Edition, as well as the Here and Now Edition, a ...


It is most likely just an imaginary symbol for Monopoly money. It appears also to be symbol for imaginary currency "Roelandian Mark" (in a web-based nation simulation game). For "everyday use", the closest symbol might be "₩" or "₩", just turned upside down. This is a symbol for Won, currency used in South and North Korea.


No. You only have to pay money for rent if the property is unmortgaged. It doesn't matter how you came to land on that property. The same goes for a card that sends you to the nearest railroad.

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