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Please take a look at following topics on bgg: Strategies to defeat Moloch? Occupy hexes where Moloch would want to place his shooters. You don't even need useful fighter there: sacrificing your module to occupy that nice spot behind Moloch HQ is perfectly reasonable. This will not only save you at least 2 hp, but also make Moloch place his ...


Looking through the Neuroshima Hex 3.0 rules (pdf), I see the following: So the extra hexes are for when there are five to six people playing. The rules suggest that if there are four people playing, you might decide to use the expanded board as well. This rule book doesn't mention scenarios. However, I looked up one of the expansions: Neuroshima Hex: ...


It would be if you have you base placed in the edge of the board surrounded by your tiles and you want to prevent enemy from gaining access to it.


You can make some hexagonal tuckboxes, check out these ones from BGG. You may need to tweak them a bit to deal with your custom tiles, but Inkscape does a pretty decent job of editing these types of PDF's (YMMV)

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