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I'm afraid you do understand the ruling correctly (there is no GW statement on this that I'm aware of since there's no conflict in the two rules). The important thing to remember is that the substitution is optional - if you're likely to take massive damage from fearless, take a chance on the dice and use their adjusted leadership (adjusted for modifiers ...


You are allowed 1 heavy weapon per 10 Orks, but you can choose which one it is - a Big Shoota (BS) or Rokkit Launcha (RL). They don't all have to be the same type. In other words, with 30 Orks, the maximum heavy weapons you are allowed to have are either: 3RL 1BS + 2RL 2BS + 1RL 3BS


There's a few things to weigh up here. What else could you get with the points? It's easy to go overboard on your 'hero' units, and forget that you could spend that extra 15 points on more basic troops. With Orks, huge numbers is a core strategy. A few extra Boyz could be much more valuable to you. Who do you expect to be facing? Ignoring armour is a much ...


Most people don't field the Mekboys. In fact, in 5 years I've never seen anyone put a Mekboy in a squad of Lootas. So, you're not alone in not seeing their usefulness. Technically you could use the Mekboy to build a little duality into the unit. This makes them slightly more well rounded so as to be able to deal with other types of threats, but that's ...


The best way to get Battlewagons across the board, that I've see used, is to attach a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field to the squad inside. This will make the Battlewagon(and I think every other vehicle within 6 inches of the Battlewagon) obscured. A 4+ cover save should help you get across the board a little more consistently.


Only point I see is to field them in an unbound army with a stompa so you can have the lootas shoot from the access point and the meks can repair. Otherwise i agree that there seems to be little to no point.


If your talking about Nob Bikers, You would be Str 7 on the charge with 4 attacks, using WS5 (waggh banner). Hitting marines on a 3, wounding on a 2. (10) Nob Bikers kited with Waggh banner, 5 choppas, 2 power klaws and 3 slugga & choopas would get 43 attacks on the charge. (20) Str 7 choppa attacks, (8) str 10 power klaw attacks, (15) str 5 slugga ...


Always go with a Klaw for your Nobz in either biker or normal boyz squads. You need this because Orks are not terribly good in close combat against certain enemies. Walkers, heavy tanks, and units with 3+ or 2+ saves can usually fend off a charge from Orks. You need the Klaw to be able to break even in these situations. Without that Klaw, your Orks ...

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